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Marina Tomko

Marina Tomko

Marina Tomko

Head of the "Mental Health Support" department

Project manager, self-esteem trainer, professional coach, certified by the WCHPO international organization, trained according to ICF standards.

In addition, she underwent training and gained expertise in the following topics:

  • "Integration of therapeutic approaches in the case management of gender-based violence",
  • "Introduction to coaching for teachers and psychologists",
  • "Non-verbal communication in business negotiations",
  • "First psychological aid in crisis situations."

She has been working in the organization since May 2022, during this time she was the head of the project of psychological support and socio-economic adaptation, coordinated the work of a team of psychologists, performed managerial functions, communicated with representatives of the donor.

Currently, she is the head of the "Mental Health Support" department and is involved in projects as a coach, trainer and conducts trainings on the topic "Self-esteem as a conscious basis of every personality", "I am a mother. How not to lose yourself." Meetings are aimed at realizing one's own value and uniqueness in the context of many areas of our life.

From Marina: "- I have 12 years of experience in trade, starting as a promoter and ending my career as a territorial representative, this is the part of life where I sometimes could not even imagine that I could change everything and become who I am now.

My work experience in the NGO is measured in one year, and I have the impression that I am just starting to live, starting to implement and realize what I really wanted and want. Right now, the circle of my communication and professional support is being formed, because I have great mentors and mentors, coaches, and I am on the way to cooperation and joint projects. All I can say is I'm on my way."

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