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Oleksandr Naumenko

Oleksandr Naumenko

Oleksandr Naumenko

Head of the "Inclusion without borders" direction

Experience in conducting accessibility audits since 2022. He is a trainer in barbarism and eco-awareness. Experience in coaching since 2023, 15 trainings have been held.

Involved in the project "Protection of human rights in Chernivtsi" with the support of IM Swedish Development Partner, conducts trainings, lectures and meetings on the topic of barrier-freeness with employees of education and other communal institutions.

Involved as a trainer in the project "Activists of inclusive communities", conducts trainings on the topic of eco-awareness in various communities of Chernivtsi region.

He will conduct an ideal training on eco-awareness, where he will tell:

  • why it is necessary to sort and how to do it correctly;
  • what are the best sorting practices in Ukraine and the world;
  • how to reduce the amount of solid household waste.

He will conduct a barrier-free training where he will tell:

  • why the "National Strategy for Creating a Barrier-Free Space" is an integral part of the country's reconstruction;
  • on the principles of barrier-free language, which includes the ethics of communicating with people with disabilities and other vulnerable population groups;
  • about basic knowledge of the availability of premises and facilities.

Outside the NGO "Zakhist" Chernivtsi association, he is a volunteer helping the Armed Forces. He is also an active blood donor, heading for the title of Honorary Donor. In 2020, he became a co-founder of the "Ekoreidery" initiative group, which turned into the most popular eco-movement in the city of Chernivtsi.

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