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Marina Shvets

Marina Shvets

Marina Shvets

Project coordinator

He has been working in our team for a year and a half. At first, Marina joined our activities as a volunteer, later she headed the direction of support for IDPs and people with disabilities.

He is currently coordinating a project aimed at popularizing the construction of an inclusive democratic society through support and socialization of people and youth with disabilities. Marina is responsible for the effective organization and implementation of projects aimed at achieving the organization's goals and supporting our mission.

Coordinates the actions of project participants and provides them with the necessary support. Organizes work and distribution of tasks among project team members. Monitors project progress and timely identification and resolution of problems. Prepares regular reports for the management of the organization and financial donors. Evaluates project results. And also contributes to the development and training of team members.

Marina is an obstetrician-gynecologist by first education, and is currently studying to become a dermatologist. In parallel, he works as a cosmetologist in the center of aesthetic medicine.

Conducts coaching activities on the following topics:

  • "Sexual education",
  • "Women's health",
  • "Prevention of STIs",
  • "Basic rules of skin care",
  • "Selection of facial skin care".

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